Tuesday, February 17, 2009

have a niche, cheapo

if you are good at everything, you are great at nothing.

the homebuilder in manhattan (only) has hoops and hurdles of regulation and zoning laws to build vs. one who builds in phoenix, vegas, and florida together. why go through the extra hassle? because the barriers of entry are higher, allowing him less competition, greater cushioning, and less people willing to go through what he did.

it's like how the jaybirds were excluded to bankruptcy, litigation, hostile takeover, and other low-brow law proceedings. they flocked and thrived in this area with less commercial interest/competition, ultimately taking over the bluebloods that once shunned them.


  1. love your blog! found you via the sartorialist.

  2. thanks pal.. it was born from reading a lot of self-help books to 'get ahead.' after a while, i realized the only people getting ahead were the authors charging me to buy their books..

    hope some of my stories, though unconventional, inspire and light that ass.

  3. Nice use, of 'jaybird.' Very tongue-in-cheek, yet still sensitive :)