Thursday, February 12, 2009

lunch break at wall st. & william

was a false sense of ... fame, but it's real. it's you and your friends doing drugs and everybody gets happy, and then all of a sudden we're famous - with our tight pants and our fabulous hair – and we go out and we're rock stars. and it's manufactured, but I realized through that, you don't really need the drugs, and the whole idea in itself is very powerful. you know, you're not really famous, but you believe that you are, and whatever you're projecting from within, other people are buying.

you know, i've literally been standing outside night clubs and the people just say, come in. and they believe i'm somebody that i'm not. now, today, it's a little bit different; sometimes they know who i am. but in the past, it's more about ... you know, oh, the way that she carries herself, the way that she dresses - it's like, who is she? and I want to encourage other people to be that way.

you can walk like a king or walk like ... a snake. you have to really believe that you're great. i want people to genuinely believe in their heart that they're great – and have that be your passion. be passionate about yourself, you know? s. germanotta


  1. WOW, that's quite it's all a matter of attitude, right?3
    Nice post!

  2. it's cliche, but once you revisit it, the basics never changed..they were just waiting for your return :)