Saturday, February 28, 2009


at work, be a quick and nimble cat,

socially with your buds, a dog...

in time affiliate yourself with full-time cats, though some still pretending to be dogs.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


wise men listen and laugh while fools talk,

stick up kids don't live long in new yawk


i'm better

pols, bosses, family, friends can try to preach to us about enforcing equality.

there is no such thing, and there will never be.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

people control

they say to look at the bright side of someone, and that's it. ha!

look at the one value that the person is most insecure about, and hasn't tackled and keep it ready in your back pocket. never pull it out without a cause and start berating for no reason, otherwise you'll be the asshole.

just know what's on the card and flick it slyly as opposed to putting it in front of their face when you need to keep them in line.

never sell

the aspiring want to be the best sellers.

the best sellers know they don't get paid to sell. they get paid to explain. and to easily explain, one needs to personally research the service they sell.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the floor

the floor is a different place. it's not like the street. we're a little more down to earth, a little more accepting of where you're coming from. - jen

Sunday, February 22, 2009

on relationships

there is no "perfect one." if you find yourself content with someone at 80%, keep him around.

if you find that you're thinking what else is out there and he's still at 80%, it's just your slut tendencies coming back, which happens when you have too much free time.

that time should be spent progressing your career and leaving time for boredom (happiness), which should ALWAYS be priority, taken or not.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

allura to the front

i am either front office or backoffice. that's it, no in between.

backoffice: smug, think i'm too smart for the job. will never lateral with said mentality.

front office: brilliant, yet think i'm a monkey amongst other brilliant men in my group.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

have a niche, cheapo

if you are good at everything, you are great at nothing.

the homebuilder in manhattan (only) has hoops and hurdles of regulation and zoning laws to build vs. one who builds in phoenix, vegas, and florida together. why go through the extra hassle? because the barriers of entry are higher, allowing him less competition, greater cushioning, and less people willing to go through what he did.

it's like how the jaybirds were excluded to bankruptcy, litigation, hostile takeover, and other low-brow law proceedings. they flocked and thrived in this area with less commercial interest/competition, ultimately taking over the bluebloods that once shunned them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

the big lie, isn't one

we all know of the elephant in the room, everyone shies to question in company. don't waste a lifetime uselessly fighting or defending it. instead, follow the yeast by way of your personal art, to get what's truly yours.

it's not selling out, it's pimping the pimp.

we are not demons, just very smart and hard workers, who deserve more for the hours we put in and the grueling process it took us to get here.

anywhere else, i'd still be raped. might as well be compensated appropriately for the process.

less is always more. one career, fueled by one particular dancing she-horse in stilettos. werk.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

new york is back

kim aviance, work you cunt. work.


if there was one thing to run away from it would be spite. this feeling not only causes no direct impact towards the person it was intended for, but more importantly one's energies are wasted in it instead of actual progression.

the gateway

'the arrogance of white men is why i'm here today. if it weren't for them, i wouldn't be here. what the hell did they need me for if they were open-minded enough to allow this cultural phenomena to be part of their make-up? my independence is because they didn't accept me. so every step of the way i've made more money.'


doll face

feared, ridiculed... show me another great, historic persona where the public didn't continually try to bring 'em down, for their own basic, personal enjoyment to watch one fall.

'an ego to me is about pumping themselves on the chest, and saying, ‘look what i did, look how great i am, i did this, i did that. it’s about me.’ it’s not about me, at all, ever. it’s about them, the buyer, the seller, the property.

i’m just so busy doing ‘it.’ to covet you have to be outside ‘it,’ coveting. but it’s really true.
i don’t covet.'


small minds talk about people, and big minds talk about ideas.


if you ain't a proprietor in manhattan with a 32% ltv, by 30 then fuck you smalltime; you ain't shit - mr.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

hand in hand

they tell us to live for the ideal or the practical world. in my recent trials, i now realize they wanted us to choose for their benefits. you need both; live and prosper with the bullshit to support your ideal countryside boy.

without the bullshit, the bills will be unpaid, and your boy gone.

without ideal countryside boy, there will be no fuel source continue with the bullshit, to pay for the penthouse.

Friday, February 13, 2009

conforming, underrated

has our society come to the point where everyone attempts to be a non-conformist so they can prime their selfhood?

in a sea of 'liberated' beings (really?), the conformist has reaffirmed the emblem of the contemporary man.

the country square

rule #1 of being gay:

don't make it be your identity, as sardonic wit and speed trumps trumps all.

the glamorous

rule #1 of being pretty:

never rely solely on looks

Thursday, February 12, 2009

lunch break at wall st. & william

was a false sense of ... fame, but it's real. it's you and your friends doing drugs and everybody gets happy, and then all of a sudden we're famous - with our tight pants and our fabulous hair – and we go out and we're rock stars. and it's manufactured, but I realized through that, you don't really need the drugs, and the whole idea in itself is very powerful. you know, you're not really famous, but you believe that you are, and whatever you're projecting from within, other people are buying.

you know, i've literally been standing outside night clubs and the people just say, come in. and they believe i'm somebody that i'm not. now, today, it's a little bit different; sometimes they know who i am. but in the past, it's more about ... you know, oh, the way that she carries herself, the way that she dresses - it's like, who is she? and I want to encourage other people to be that way.

you can walk like a king or walk like ... a snake. you have to really believe that you're great. i want people to genuinely believe in their heart that they're great – and have that be your passion. be passionate about yourself, you know? s. germanotta

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

quiet, clean, pristine

the quiet one takes the cake,

while the loud do everything to pretend they have icing

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the final light

1/2 of anxiety is from putting off the thing you don't wanna do, so just do it asap.

Bertrand Russell: 'A certain amount of boredom is... essential to a happy life.'

Sunday, February 8, 2009

i'm that dude

prudest work & financially,

physically, sexually and socially content

a sexy john connolly

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


a great life is like driving.

always know the speed limit, +5/10 mph and cruise