Friday, January 16, 2009

the shrewd love

ok, after haphazardly writing my oil post below and watching a great video about our fed (google: creature from jekyll island), i fizzled back into normalcy and realized that i don't have a big enough 'why?' (don't self-help barf on me)

what is my drive for doing things in said previous post? so i can fund my own fashion line, devoid of predictable madison ave. trends and nauseating park ave. pretense. make real shit that effortlessly flaunts itself.

i'll post pics of my creations (to do: buy mannequin) keeping costs extremely low/non-existent and pass off the savings to my savvy clientèle: the buffooning hollywood, uptown cerebral, yet still spiritually unstructured set. always on point, never pointy.

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