Friday, January 16, 2009

new goal: oil & energy

work for an oil/energy company and work my way up, since it's a commodity always in demand in my lifetime, regardless of economy.

devil's advocate: why not taxes? great side gig. i keep an eye on the fed/dc and legally optimize my situation from current laws. this area (especially political psychology) affects finance greatly, below.

devil's advocate: why not finance? also a great side gig, but wall st. is only electronic money, and is cyclical with a herd mentality. i time the market on a macro level, since the the market is based on 90% psychology, 10% fundamentals.

devil's advocate: why not real estate? similar to finance, above.

devil's advocate: why not tech? unfortunately, i'm not a geek. i 'd have to understand on a transistor level and re-do schooling. however, i maximize it on a user level to perform at the most efficient levels, and keep knowledgeable geeks close by.

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