Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the closing

all the mental psyching up and quote banter as seen on this page, will never make you do what's needed.

i've realized there is only one real way one achieves. inspiration now is a dime a dozen, flip on to the biggest loser; they're still fat.

only when you truly hate and are disgusted with the situation and environment you are in, will you begin to kick and scream to claw you're way out to greener pastures. it's okay to enjoy your successes, but continually focus on one aspect you can't stand about your environment so you can kickstart yourself to go up another level.

i'd like to think that waving the carrot in front of your face works; but one doesn't really know how good the carrot tastes until you actually obtain and eat it. therefore it's value is automatically grossly understated, directly in proportion to how much you want it.

in essence, the push mechanism (from provincial, abhorrent surroundings / or the fear of being mediocre, for the well-off crowd) is more effective than the pull mechanism (hanging pictures of mansions around you), the latter being touted as gold by conventional self-help and parenting books.

see you at the PH level. ciao.

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